Harold’s Cross Masterplan October 11th

We are Harolds cross live. A Dublin School of Architecture DIT student initiative to create a new master plan for Harold’s cross. This is a Fourth year Architecture student based project aimed to work with the community in Harolds Cross to improve the quality of living there. The master plan is to show the possible potential of Harolds Cross as an area regarding living, working and leisure. As this project is live, we are working as closely as possible with the community of Harold’s Cross as well as surrounding areas. Currently we are trying to raise maximum awareness for Harolds Cross Live and therefore everyone is welcome to attend our next public critique which will take place on November 29th in McGowans’s Pub, Harold’s Cross. The project will culminate in a presentation of our work at the Harold Cross festival of Summer 2018, again all welcome. For more information please visit our Facebook page HaroldsCrossLive, our Instagram HaroldsCrossLive2018 or our website haroldscrosslive2018.com. To contact us, email at, haroldscrosslive2018@gmail.com.
Our last critique took place on Wednesday the 11th of October, the students presented 3 masterplans of Harold’s Cross. They consisted of small to large scale projects anywhere from recreational to landscape use.
These were presented to active members and residents of the Harold’s Cross Community alongside Architects for their overall judgement.
At the end of the day Group B were winners who presented the most desirable plan for the future of  Harold’s Cross. This plan was seen most likely to improve quality of life in the area.
For further photos of the event please check out or Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/haroldscrosslive2018/
See you all on November 29th at McGowan’s for a more detailed review!

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