A Social ambition for the former orphanage by Alice M George

The former Quaker orphanage (119-201 Harold’s cross road) is an abandoned structure at the heart of Harold’s Cross. The distinct red brick building is quite sensitive to the residents of the area due to its historic value (connection with the past) as well as its landmark characteristics. The structure has a strong presence due to its location between the commercial and residential area of Harold’s Cross. These connections become the backbone of this scheme. This social experiment is live and as a result of this, the public opinion was used to direct the design. Harold’s Cross is in need of a library and almost everyone that I asked agreed that this building should be reformed into a library. The refurbishment of the abandoned building, changings its function into a library and creating a green pocket that connects the commercial and residential area of Harold cross are the social ambitions that I am hoping to achieve for this project. This project inter-links with the secondary school that is being proposed on the former racecourse site. We are proposing an easily accessible route from the secondary school to the library and this route continues towards the heart, which again connects the public and private areas together.


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