Our Lady’s Hospice Day Care Centre by Jessica Laffan

The main intention is to increase permeability throughout the hospice using nature; to turn the Hospice into a garden. This is to allow the hospice to function more effectively for its residents and also to encourage interaction between the residents of the hospice and the community in Harold’s Cross. A tree lined avenue leads from the main entrance through the Public Square and wraps around the Community Based Day Care Centre and leads either to the Education Centre or to the Greenmount Industrial Estate Entrance. The new entrance is created from Greenmount Industrial Estate to confine vehicular traffic to the industrial edge of the Hospice. The Community Based Day Care Centre is located on this edge to enhance it’s connection with Harold’s Cross and to expose an essential part of the hospice to the public, making it more accessible and creating a threshold. The Wellness Centre is located deeper in the existing building.The Main Reception is accessed from the apple orchard in the Public Square and provides access to the Wellness Centre and cinema. The apple orchard also creates an enjoyable walk linking to the pedestrianised Hospice Heart and leading to the Restaurant which is also open to the Harold’s Cross Community. Lavender gardens around the Wellness Centre incorporate pedestrianised walkways which lead to the garden to the rear of the Hospice. The carpark around the Education Centre contains bays which are defined by planters and create multiple points of access and pleasant walkways through the lavender garden.

ROOF PLAN-page-001GROUND FLOOR PLAN-page-001 (1)

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