Our intention for the backlands of Priory Square was to densify the unused land around Harold’s Cross. These “wastelands” could be given uses that not only benefits the community but also bring it together. Addressing Point 1 Social Connections: By bringing the two schools on Clareville Road we hope together into one building we hope to straighten the relationship between the schools and the area around them. Addressing Point 3 Cultural Reactivation: By densifying the suburban areas of Harold’s Cross and giving these “wastelands” a function. Addressing Point 5 Ecological Growth: By taking the untamed growth of the exiting backlands and laying out gardens we hope to not only increase the usable green space of Harold’s Cross but also create a place to grow local produce.

The Priory Square backlands schemes sets out to densify the urban grain of disused spaces in Harold’s Cross. The scheme contains 3 different types of housing to facilitating to 3 different demographics, these include students, artists and the elderly. Together we identified the problems of the mono-type of the suburban housing in Harold’s Cross and came to 3 different solutions and applied them to the 3 sites. The scheme also rejuvenates the local primary schools by galvanizing the relationship between the existing schools and the surrounding housing.

Group Plan

Art Studio and Housing Scheme by Conor Kenny

Elderly Housing Scheme by Daniel Fagan

Student Housing Scheme by Patrick Brennan

Primary School Scheme by Deimante Paplauskaite

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