For this project, the ambition was to design a secondary school to be placed into the site where Harold’s Cross Greyhound Stadium once was. The school is designed with the idea of educate-together and also to be environmentally friendly. There has been a link created that flows right from the proposed residential scheme located south on the site and works its way up through the school which consists of fragmented towers made of rammed earth, then past the men’s shed which facilitates the learning of trade skills and agriculture  for the local people of Harold’s Cross, through the proposed apartment complex that is to be built and finally ending north at the proposed crèche at the St.Clares Convent and primary school site.

While this scenic link through the sites gives the user plenty to take in, we have designed a multi-purpose sports hall which encloses our entrance plaza alongside the Men’s Shed. The user can also reach these via the newly designed Luas line and stop right outside Peggy Kelly’s Pub.


While the aim of the brief that we set ourselves was to create a school which was badly needed, we also wanted to use the schools surrounding areas to create an educational hub that ould mould into the urban fabric of Harold’s Cross.

Creche by Chloe Cattan

Housing by Ruba Al-Abbasi

School by Majella Walsh, Adam Maloney and Ronan Tiernan


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