Greenmount Office Park – Reimagining , Reconnecting, Reviving

GreenMount Office Park is located at the northern most point of Harold’s Cross, closest to the city centre and Griffith College. The ambition for this site was to reactivate this fragmented corner of the town, interweave it back into the proposed redevelopment of the canal in parallel to the site and to become the node point as you enter over Harold’s Cross bridge into the town. We want to improve social connections in Harold’s Cross by reintegrating GreenMount Office Park into the fabric of the Harold’s Cross Community, creating a thriving multi-diverse living system within the boundary of the site, as well as introducing pedestrian fluidity via multiple public routes through the site, reconnecting GreenMount with its surroundings and the greater Harold’s Cross community. We feel that by including a multi-diverse living system, accommodating the elderly, families and students, with generous and well developed semi-private and public garden resting spaces and the inclusion of offices to the North of the site allows the element of Work, Rest, Play to be prominent throughout the whole site, providing a lease of life throughout the whole day.

By Kate Masquelier, Kate Mc Cormack and Shane RedmondSite Plan 1.500 (2)

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