Kenilworth Cinema

This project is based upon the creation of a sequence of experiences throughout the Kenilworth Cinema Site which will create a much needed destination for the residents of Harold’s Cross as well as the greater community. Our aim is to re-activate the rich cinematic culture which Harold’s Cross once enjoyed with the re-introduction of a series cinema screens throughout the site. To accompany this series of cinematic experiences we plan to introduce a micro brewery as well as a public house, which will give Harold’s Cross a sense of identity with the production of craft cider. The architecture on the site will form a series of outdoor spaces. The central plaza facilitates the establishment of the orchard and green space. As well as this the experience of  meandering through food markets will be established to facilitate the needs of Harold’s Cross residents. The Kenilworth Cinema Site will transform into a node in which surrounding residents and on site residents of all ages will come for amusement and relief. The creation of permeability into the site through the backland lanes will make the experiences much more accessible while also creating connections with neighbouring projects.



By Denise O’Leary and Sean Byrne

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