Mount Argus – A Medieval Hamlet

The masterplan aims to create a vibrant medieval hub at Mount Argus Church to serve the residents of the wider Mount Argus and Harold’s Cross area. The outer fringe consists of a broad range of housing projects. The walls of Mount Argus act as the main hub of the settlement, with newly created public squares in front of Mount Argus church.

The ambition of the new public space is to bring commercial life to Mount Argus, and to improve Social Connections in the area. We have introduced a café to the east and a Sunday market to the main square with the aim of encouraging interaction between neighbours. A diverse mixed development is proposed inside the walls of the old Mount Argus Monastery to include student living, assisted living and childcare facilities, bringing together and connecting people of differing age.

The new Horticultural college addresses Cultural Re-Activation and Ecological Growth. This aims to support the new diverse educational culture in the area, allowing people to develop skills in garden cultivation. There are 3 walled gardens in the college, each hosting a different function.

We have also aimed to create a new urban ecology throughout the area. The Marlet housing currently under development is re imagined as an extension of Mount Argus Park with a large quantity of trees and shrubs planted throughout the site. A new tree lined avenue is designed to connect the co-operative housing scheme and the horticultural college.

By Ryan Donnelly, Matthew Gillen, Stephen Mawhinney and Darren Williams

Mount Argus Masterplan 1 500

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