Intention for Mt Jerome Cemetery is to re-imagine what a cemetery is by giving this “dead” space in the center of Harolds Cross a new lease of life with the addition of a new Masonry Apprenticeship Yard, Crematorium and Forest Landscape. Addressing Point 01. Social Connections, we have created new routes through Mt Jerome Cemetery to so The Cycle of Life Seal connect the Harolds Cross Community. Addressing Point 02. Civic Heart, these routes connect directly to the Civic Heart and open Mt Jerome up to the public. Addressing Point 03.Cultural Re-activation, we hope that developing Mt Jerome Cemetery into a green space will help the Harolds Cross community live healthier lifestyles and alter their perceptions of cemeteries.  Addressing Point 04. Ecological Growth, by developing this barren landscape into a Green Space we are improving the quality of life for the Harold’s Cross community. Addressing Point 06. Work, Rest, Play, all three of these activities will take place on Mt Jerome’s 48 acer site with Stone Masons and Funeral Directors working, people resting and reflecting in the forest and adults and children alike cycling and playing among the trees in the forest.

Mt Jerome Cemetery accounts for 40% of the Green Space in Harold’s Cross and by planting a forest and opening the Space up to the Community it could drastically improve the quality of life for the residents of Harold’s Cross. The allocation of a tree to individuals wishing to be buried in Mt Jerome Cemetery is a symbol of the circular of life and the continuation of life after death. The growth of the forest provides a wonderful natural environment for local animal species to thrive. The redesign of the Crematorium allows for a more pleasant funeral experience and the redesign of the Mount Jerome Monumental works adds an extra element to the design by incorporating a residential element into the scheme. The implication of this design will take some time but the Harold’s Cross Community could have a flourishing Forest Landscape, Crematorium and Masons Yard in less than 50 years.


By Sarah Gibney


Crematorium by Valerija Kazackova

Landscape by Ahmed Hameedi


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