Our Lady’s Hospice – The House in the Garden

Intention for Our Lady’s Hospice is to turn it into a garden. We want to provide a space to enable reflection and rehabilitation of the inhabitants and patients of the Hospice some of which are at various stages towards the end of their life, others are living with life limiting illnesses. Addressing Point 01. Social Connections, we  want to reintegrate the Hospice into the fabric of the Harold’s Cross Community. Addressing Point 03. Ecological Growth we feel that by turning the Hospice into a garden with a public and private realm we can achieve this. Addressing Point 03. Cultural Re-activation, we hope the gardens will be a catalyst to a healthier lifestyle for the Harold’s Cross Community.

Urban Strategy

There were a number of things we noticed on our initial visit to Our Lady’s Hospice. Firstly,  there was a lack of definition within the site and as a result a lack of privacy for the patients. Circulation between buildings and within the site was unclear and also there was an over-reliance on the vehicle. We felt that the Hospice needed clear definition of private and public realms and a stronger pedestrian route. We continued the “street” up to and including an “urban bracket” containing public facilites which define the public garden. We also wanted to reference the history of the site and so we maintained the existing pedestrian route and referenced the Mill Pond by placed Hydrotherapy Pools in the former location of the Mill Pond. We also reinstated  the Greenmount Avenue link between Mount Jerome, the Hospice and Greenmount Industrial Estate.


We identified a number of facilities which would improve the Hospice including a Day Care Center, Hydrotherapy Pools, Main Reception Area, residential units for Assisted Living Accommodation and redevelopment of the existing Restaurant and Administration Building.  A number of these buildings are located within the “urban bracket” and create a clear delineation between private and public.

By Jessica Laffan, Shane Wright and Bayan Al-yahyaai

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